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Reduce your Lost and Found handling time and costs up to 90 %
Easy to use

The only app and software with image recognition and smart matching technology. Just take a picture and you're done!

Customer Satisfaction

Make sure customers are happy with your service and you respond immediately to their inquiries.

Reducing Costs

Save time and money
– or even turn your Lost and Found into a profit center.

The only Software and App with Image Recognition

Adding image recognition to HaveItBack's Lost and Found Software enables customer service to automate the registration of found items with extremely high quality – in real time.

Our unique image recognition system automatically identifies the type of found item, color and location where the item was found. Even details such as brand, serial numbers or info on IDs can be recognized.

We offer you the best Lost and Found experience worldwide!

Lost and Found App
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How to choose the best
Lost and Found Software

Lost and Found Software

Key Benefits

Optimize Lost and Found Administration and Handling

The Lost and Found Software is designed to reduce your workload while increasing your return rate and customer satisfaction. HaveItBack paves the way for the most efficient handling and return of found items.

Always up-to-date

The innovative Lost and Found Software simplifies managing lost and found items and associated customer inquiries. Our system improves accessibility to information – available online 24/7 – and automatically matches found items with owners based on descriptive information.

Return Handling Gateway

The Return Handling Gateway is the payment and shipping center for lost and found items. It offers an easy and standardized interface to all relevant payment and logistics services. Thanks to our state-of-the-art processes, your new lost and found system will send items back to your customers with ease.

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Lost and Found as a Service

We help you turn your Lost and Found into a successful part of your business and customer retention strategy.


The Lost and Found Software is designed to significantly decrease your organization’s workload
– increase your service capabilities while improving customer success at the same time!

Found items can be added using the classic form or image recognition. Just fill out all fields required for a successful registration – or just take a picture!


Use an iFrame to quickly implement lost and found forms on your website. Lost item inquiries submitted by your customers are direclty registered in the Lost and Found Software.


Found items and owners are automatically matched by the software. Manual checking is no longer required. Each match is given a matching probability based on multiple factors.


The Lost and Found Software enables the fully documented handover of found items to owners or authorized third parties (spouse, customs, police, etc.)


The Handling Gateway enables an easy shipping and payment process for returning found items. The documented billing of fees and the generation of labels is fully integrated into the Lost and Found Software.


The document management system generates invididual documents for finders or owners. For example, you can generate a confirmation for a found item in your organization‘s design.


The customer communication module is an integrated chat system to quickly authenticate matched items with owners. This means easy communication without having to make use of emails, phone calls or even letters.


You can determine specific rules and procedures for certain found items and assign them to task lists. One example could be handing over all passports to the police.


The auction and charity module enables your organization to set up auction packages and export them as Excel sheets. After the auction or charity, all values can be just as easily imported again.


Over 260 categories are already available in the standard version of the Lost and Found Software. Main categories, sub-categories, and value fields can be renamed, deleted, or created.


You can add new users or change the roles of existing users as well as their authorizations from the user management.


The extensive history for each entry allows for complete tracking of all changes made.


spent by organizations
per found item


more received customer
inquiries than found items


average value
of every lost item


average finder's reward
for returned items

Lost and Found is our Core Business

Lost and Found is often done "on the side" by other providers. Not with us!
We've made it our core business to change the world of Lost and Found – and now you can be part of that future!